Here the technical terms are explained clearly in the general introduction.


Replacement for actor – can be used for the presentation of dangerous scenes, with special acrobatic.


It is the presentation itself – with a complex mixture of abilities, skills and technology in the implementation. For the successful stunt performance physical and psychological factors interact. In the exercise of risk avoidance, concentration, skill and experience for stunts are vital. Therefore uncontrolled courage, overconfidence or non-recognition of the danger has with STUNTS nothing in common. A STUNT is associated with self discipline and self confidence – and never with uncontrolled RISK!


BODY STUNTS – is because the most with physical exertion connected (with acrobatic skills). (Although often technical aids / special equipment for STUNTS is applied, while the physical CAN not be replaced.) A Stuntman has to achieve his physical abilites through hard training and dedication, both in a physical and mental manner.


In an act of performing arts (in movies/films or live presentations), dynamic actions are carried out skillfully. They are mostly connected with dangers and thus also associated with certain risks. This artificially produced hazard situation should be visually realized and well comprehended. The task of the stunt agency: to put these dangerous actions within the meaning of the author / director in scene (prepare i.e .: and as realistic as possible to perform.) Actions must bring dynamism and excitement to the event.. Their panache and spectacular expression of need to create emotions, sometimes intimidating. They must not appear artificial or unnatural, so that they remain effective, amazing and unpredictable in their expiry for the viewer. A skilful performance is very important. An ambitious action performance has to be worked out and trained always according to the above mentioned criteria. Otherwise, they could, without flow and dynamics, look amateurish, or be really dangerous. The know-how is therefore essential.


What is required of the stunt crew at all? What they have actually able to do? To be sporty? Definitely! For stunt has mostly to do with physical exercise. But: What sport? Best as versatile as possible! Acrobatics and many martial arts belong necessarily mas well as general body coordination – which can only be attained through continuous and specific training. But beware! Only sports specialists, the spectacular – which have not practiced beforehand, are sometimes a miscast for stunts! It has been proved: A world-class boxing / judo / karate / fencing master, rider or biker, is not necessarily a good stuntman. There are enough examples n the “fiasco table” in this regard. Stunt is also a kind and OF PRESENTATION. But not only in the sporting sense but also in terms of DRAMATURGY and MOVIE ACTION. Courage? Willingness to take risks ? Just show any fear? Forget it! What’s better? A young Showing off- Stuntman, brave as a suicide, and in which it is only a question of time until the (severe) accident statistics need a new update; or rather one for which the stunt work is not a question of image, who knows exactly where his boundaries are, making the right preparations and security measures and tries to bring the best production experience? A stunt production is not the task for “young rowdies”. It is usually very complex. And precisely because every action sequence is fairly unique -there is no blanket situation – you need a lot of experience to the success!┬áThe STUNT COORDINATOR is responsible in the first place. The good stunt coordinator has many years experience in shooting, sporting skills, technical skills, good “coach-grades”, and dramaturgical and visual imagination. He brings not only the right stunt doubles (the skill wise) to rotate with, but may classify the character types right! He must understand action and drama and also be able, for the success of the stuntmen, to take responsibility! For the big picture, for health and for the technology. Both for the client, as well as their own people !